VCD doesn't play in DVD/VCD player

I have a Toshiba SD-1800 and a vcd burned to a CD-R. It played on my old dvd player, but the new one has a disc error and won’t load. Now I don’t know what this entails, but does the vcd need to be in the VCD2.0 format? Thanks.

does your new dvd player play copied audio cds? it may be a problem with reflectivity … but thats usually on older drives. just hazarding a guess.

My DVD player will only play certain cdr discs. so maybe you could try a few different makes and types. and check to make sure your dvd player can read cdr discs.

Ok problem solved. My new player only plays NTSC. I had to use TMPGenc to convert pal vcds to ntsc.

so, if my emerson DVD/VHS player plays mp3 filled cdr does that mean it will play dvd-r/+r 's with movies on them?

Most likely it will play one of those formats, if not both. If it only plays one format, chances are it will be DVD-R. The newer dvd decks play both dvd+r and dvd-r.