VCD copy protection

Help me please,

I want to protect my VCD.
How to do that?
I would like to know, what best software should I use.

Thanks a lot.

To tell you the truth… Its really not worth the time/money. Any drive that can read in RAW mode can get round it. But if you really want to; try here.


Hi kalu,

If the person attempting to copy the CD has no knowledge of any advanced copying programs then it could be ok.

To Copy Protect a VCD, even from Nero and CloneCD you’ll need the following: Alcohol 120% CloneCD, NeroBurningROM, ISOBuster and this file …THIS DOES NOT STOP Windows Explorer file copying, maybe look around for ‘VCDProt’ for this protection method.
Open Basic Nero not the wizard and start to make a VCD, make sure these settings are UNCHECKED and the ISO File System is NOT JULIET.
Add the file ‘clock.avi’ as Track 2 then your movie file as Track 3. Change the recorder to Image Recorder and burn, when prompted save file as ‘image.nrg’.
Mount ‘image.nrg’ with Alcohol 120%. Open CloneCD and ‘read to image file’ from the Alcohol virtual drive, save as ‘image.ccd’ and check the create .cue file box.
Mount ‘image.ccd’ and Open IsoBuster, select all the tracks from the Alcohol virtual drive, right click and ‘Extract RAW Data (2352bytes/block)’.
From ‘’, copy ‘image.cue’ and ‘dummy.txt’ into a folder with all the .bins from isobuster.
if you have more than one movie file open the ‘image.cue’ with notepad and add the track info according to the obvious pattern
Mount ‘image.cue’ and Open CloneCD, click ‘read to image file’ from Alcohol drive. Make up your own file name this time.
Burn it.

Copy-Protection for VCD and Software that Really Works.

Nero-Disc-Image files that contains Specimen of the Copy-Protected Video-CD and Software-CD. Please download them, and burn them into new blank CD-Rs/RWs. You may test if the CDs can be copied to other blank CDs, or if you can extract the images of the CDs to make the virtual version of them. You will also unable to copy protected files on the CDs. Stop piracy by publishing unbreakable-copy-protected Video-CD and Software-CD. Nothing the code-breaker can do about it, since it’s doesn’t contain any security-code in it!

Please download file “SampleVCD.nrg” and “Specimen.nrg” to test the power of this Copy-Protection system. These Nero-Disc-Image samples is available to download at -or-

how i can protect my vcd from duplication

Did you not read the post above your’s?

Try using [B]AASC[/B] :slight_smile:

You mean AACS? Here it is again. Good luck keeping the scavengers at bay.

but isobuster extract dat.files???

Extract using Isobuster YES.

yes…can you hide tracks in to isobuster software?
or a way isobuster cannt read the vcd ?

JUST FOLLOW THE ‘English’ INTSRUCTIONS only this language currently available. Or perhaps question another reader of the post with your top notch Isobuster question.