VCD copy didnt work in Easy CD creator 4.02

Hello, I was given some burnt VCD movies that work quite well on my standalone DVD player - unfortunately when I tried to burn my onwn copy of the disk Easy CD creator 4.02 would not allow a copy so i tried data CD. I dragged over all the files and folders of the VCD and made a copy. My copy will not work in my standalone DVD player - the CD is somehow different. The VCD has 2 tracks and my copy only has one big track. I noticed in the demo version of nero 5.xx it has a VCD option and it automatically sets up special folders for you. Why cant I reproduce the VCD with data copy with my software, what do I need to do this properly???

HELP :frowning:

Originally posted by war
What do I need to do this properly???

First of all, get rid of ezcd, 'cause it sucks.
get nero and both creating a new vcd and just copying your cds will work like a charm

I’ll reply here, read it carefully!

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I have the nero demo - it worked but I had to go about solving the problem a round a bout way. If anyone would like to know how to do this I can help.

i dont think copying files from a vcd and making the cd as a data cd works.:cool: