VCD Burning using NeroCom

i want Burn VCD from avi file.

Set Folder = New NeroFolder
Dim drives As INeroDrives
Set drives = nero.GetDrives(NERO_MEDIA_CDR)
Set drive = drives(AvailableDevices.ListIndex)

Dim itemVCD As NeroVideoItem
Set itemVCD = New NeroVideoItem

Dim file As NeroFile
Set file = New NeroFile
Folder.Files.Add file
file.Name = NameFromPath(edtFileName.Text)
file.SourceFilePath = edtFileName.Text
Folder.Name = file.SourceFilePath

itemVCD.SourceFileName = file.Name

drive.BurnVideoCD itemVCD, False, "d:	tt", Nothing, NERO_BURN_FLAG_WRITE, 4

but error ?

thank you

Just saying that error occurred without saying what kind does not really help. Fortunately, the code shows one of possibly more issues. BurnVideoCD() actually accepts NeroVideoItems collection, not just a single NeroVideoItem. If you change this, it will probably work.