VCD at 40x?

I tried burning a few VCD’s with Ahead Nero, and have had mixed results. The first VCD I burned played just fine, but the second one I burned paused a whole lot, when I played it in my stand alone DVD player. Not only that, but errors would appear on the screen - the kind that you see when you’re watching a DivX file, and due to some bad bytes, the anti freeze frame tool kicks in. The sourece files for both have no such problems. I tried burning the with a Plextor 40x12x40 CD burner at 40x speed. I’m thinking the problem may be with the fact that I burned the media faster than the TV can handle, maybe? I dunno… any ideas? :slight_smile:

plextors are good at making high quality burns at low speeds. try 4x or 8x for a more reliable copy. i burn at 4x and sometimes 8x for my svcds and they work without any probs.