VCD and SVCD should be simple?

Ok my second try to make this post - yes what a newbie.

Iv’e searched newbie’s, general hardware and firmware all without luck - so I think I must be doing something obvious wrong. I just want to burn a VCD or SVCD from Nero under windows XP and avi file. Should be simple ?

Here’s the setup.

Dell CP600 laptop with integral Samsung CDRW/DVD SN-308B VU003
Windows XP
Nero with Nero MEGA Plugin Pack from EvilDead500 & MaCiO

What works…

Audio CD’s , CDR and CDRW, copies plays fine.
VCD from another source - I think SVCD as my real DVD play reports MP2
Data DVD’s to read only (as expected).
Commercial DVD’s but some issues over region not set.

What have I tried…
VCD from avi using Nero ‘as is’ without the plugin.
SVCD from avi using the plugin.
CD, CDRW, Sony, TDK.

What happens…
Nero reports all ok.
Nero disk info can see the tracks.
Windows does not see anything on the disk.
My real DVD player does not see anything on the disk.

That’s it - I have spent days of fiddling with every option I can find on Nero. Searched the web. Considered divine intervention. Speculated that the firmware was screwy and even found a good referral from this site - which unformtunately said don’t reflash the drive if it’s in a Dell.

If there’s something that I am missing which is really obvious, just insult me, but anything is better than sitting in this small room getting headaches !

Can the DVD player read a CD-R? My old one could only do CD-RW. Investigate at

yes, thanks for the comment though.

Try this program here I’ve used it and got some pretty nice quality dvds from the program, and there do appear to be an occasional bug but the program is free (though to get the best quality its a bit slow). Depending on the avi, i’ve experienced some trouble with the ones that have compressed audio (mp3, ogg). If you need to know more about your avi properties, try this program