VC ++ guide


I am venturing into Windows programming world.

Looking for a good online ebook/guide which can help me with VC++

Thanks !

ps : i am using since i cant afford VC++ but i hope both r almost the same

Believe it or not, but Google and KaZaa have always been good helps to me! Just enter something like “Visual C++ guide tutorial” and see what is found.

One note: if you use KaZaa or so, make sure the eBooks you obtain aren’t copyrighted (cause that’s illegal). There should be some good and free books available (I found some nice stuff of universities once there)…

dev-c++ is my fav :smiley:

sadly, im not sure about ebooks that will help beginning windows programmers. if you already know how to program in general, and are looking for windows specific knowledge, Petzold wrote one helluva windows guide. mine is sitting around here somewhere, was around 40 $ on amazon.

if you are learning c++ in general, then there is much more useful information more easily @ hand. you may look for ebooks by Stroustrup, although they are probably copyrighted. his books in print are pretty authoratative, as he created c++ :wink:


btw what is difference between dev c++ & vc++

well, ones free.

have always used dev-c++ based on that. didnt like visual studio when i used it for java. too helpful.