Vc++ 6.0 .lib problems

having trouble with linking. as far as i can tell, its because the libraries werent compiled with the same runtime libraries. im running around the msdn site atm, trying to find a solution, but im getting bored/frustrated/angry, and am off to take a break (nap).

anyone know how to tell which options libraries were compiled with, or how to use the various linker options in order to avoid this kind of thing? i’m beginning to understand, but im new to vc++, and having trouble doing what needs done.

this page gives me hope, but i’d appreciate anyone who has development experience with the software sounding off on how stupid i am, or a possible solution. ty much :smiley:

afai can tell, some of the libraries i downloaded precompiled had different compiler options than the ones i compiled myself. long day of downloading source and recompiling is to ensue :frowning: