Can the Cendyne/Verbatim VBT321240A be flashed up to the 40x?

I currently have firmware X8S2.

I am wondering this also, can anyone help us out here, if these drives are able to use the new firmware that supports the Mt. Rainier protocol.

Much appreciated,

John C

I want to know too; I have this drive and urging to oc it!!
Thanks in advance

I successfully flashed my verbatim vbt321240A and windows and Nero both now recognize the drive as a Lite-On 40x with mt. rainier support.

Burned a couple of discs and everything seems fine!

Could one of you who flashed the VBT321240A describe how you did it? (i.e. what firmware you needed and such). Quite a few people have said they’ve had trouble doing this drive to get it up to 40x, so i was just wondering if there were any special tweeks or tips i should know about.

Thanks :slight_smile: