VBR5 is best?



same 5 songs converted from WAV to MP3 using:
CBR128kbs - 25.5mb
Medium - 23.8
VBR4 - 28.3
VBR5 - 23.2
VBR6 - 21.6

Using VBR9 sound quality was worst as khz was 24 instead of 44; VBR7, khz32, quality improved.
Thus khz is more important than kbps. Correct?
VBR6 is acceptable, 44khz, kbps ranged from 80 to 192.
VBR5 sounded like CBR128 but smaller file size, 1/12 of WAV, is the best choice.

A)Why is 0 best, 9 worst? Logic 9 is highest, why backwards?
B)Why allow user to set min&max bit rates if using VBR?
C)Why is 128k Tape Quality on some MP3 apps, on others CD quality?
D)Why is setting to below 112kbs and keeping 44khz not allowed?
E)Is it better to make MP3s from ripped WAVs or from CDs?


Let’s assume you’re talking about the LAME encoder.

A) Think of it in terms of level of compression, in which 9 is more compressed than 0.

B) Why not?

C) Because some like to use marketing terms (CD Quality) while others use more reasonable terms?

D) Probably because combining a high sampling rate (44kHz) with a low bitrate (<112kbps) produces inferior results compared to using a lower sampling rate at the same bitrate.

E) The quality is the same - only the speed and convenience may differ.

kHz is neither more nor less important than kbps; quality depends on both of these as well as on other factors.