can someone explain why I get separate audio and video files when i encode multipass VBR ? CCE only gives me the option of elementary mode which separates the two – not like CBR which gives the system mode option where the audio is combined with the video. i don’t know how to incorporate the audio and video on a DVD with the VBR output which is frustrating because the mulit-pass VBR looks so much better but i dont know how to marry the audio to it.


Because you’re using CCE to encode only and not in conjunction with an authoring app…You need to import your .m2v and audio file in an authoring app to create a DVD structured file/folder…

You could also use something like DVDRB Pro, (or the free one) to encode with CCE and backup to DVD…

Yes, you’ll need to import them into an authoring application. GUIforDVDAuthor or DVDAuthorGUI should be able to do this for free.

DVDLab Pro is a commercial program that can build your dvds for you, and it prefers elementary streams.

If you just want an mpeg file, mux them with AviDemux or TMPGenc (Mpeg Tools).

thanks for the prompt response guys. I’m very novice and new at this but would like to learn.

I bought this ulead product for authoring. It’s only a cheap one (50 bucks) but will any DVD authoring software work with elementary streams as you say? and why are there elementary and system? Why is there a need for both?