I use Beyond TV and and recording to mpeg2 using vbr. I currently have it set to 4300/6000. Is that right? Is there another setting that would render a better picture? I’m using a harware encoder btw/Diamond Xtreme TV PVR 550. Is this the correct place to ask?


Im using 4800\6000 vbr on a Huuppauge PVR 250 hardware capture card …


Would 5000/8000 be ok? Is more than a 2000 spread bad?



Ah, tried one that was too high and got ugly choppy video - is that normally the result of too high?


The higher you go the more demanding it is of your PC, sounds like your dropping frames. Drop it down until the choppyness disappears then stick to that.



I think I’m good at 4800/6800.