Vbr to mp3 convert quality

i was just wondering, i have a few music files that are vbr can they be converted to plain mp3 without loss of quality.or is vbr better

Any conversion on a file already compressed with a lossy codec reduce quality, so I suggest to leave the file as is :frowning:

Any conversion like this will cause a loss in quality however slight.

Nothing wrong with them as they are I’d say. However I’m far from being an Audio expert.

thanks, what would anyone say is the best codec for converting cd to mp3 lame etc
i have Easy CD-DA Extractor and nero are both programs more or less the same
i usually make mp3’s to put on a cd to play on my lounge dvd player and convert at cd quality. there’s a few formats that confuse me like mp4a mp4 aac and mp3. mp3 pro etc what is the best one its confusing.

There are a lot of audio formats. The best way to rip a disc with full quality is using a lossless codec like APE or FLAC, but not all players are able to read these files. Some (really pricey) standalones are able to read FLAC files, but mp3 are among the most diffuse (and compatible) files.

LAME is one of the best mp3 encoders.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

VBR IS plain MP3. If you have any “MP3-compatible” equipment that can’t play VBR, then it should be replaced with hardware that really is MP3-compatible and doesn’t have such a false claim on its packaging.

can you recommand any dvd players that are VBR ready?

I haven’t bothered to research and make a list, but I just checked and can tell you my Philips DVP5140 supports VBR. It also supports ID3v2.3 tags and directories and can REW and FF within an MP3.