VB6 with NeroVision as COM

Hello everybody,

after getting to know the NVAPI Example I tried to reuse the functionality of the com objects and interfaces in VB6. The loading of an XML-File for NeroVisio works fine.

What cant be done, is to create a NeroBurnContext because I cannot get the neccesary handle referred as hNeroAPIDLL. Therefore you need the “glue call” to the API. Is there any way to do this call in VB6, maybe as a declare stament to the corresponding lib ?

After successfully loading the XML-File I was quite optimistic to get the thing running but now I feel high and dry. To use the COM object “Project” was pretty easy, but now things went bad because of that lousy handle.

If there should be definitely no way to obtain this handle in VB6 I think I will build an C++ DLL that gets the XML from VB and then does the burn job.

Thanks to your ideas.