[vb.net - NeroCOM]resume writing after error or problem

i can writing correcly a iso track on a cd if there aren’t errors or problems(in vb.net).

  m_drive.BurnIsoAudioCD(sArtist, _
            sTitle, _
            False, _
            isoTrack, _
            audioTracks, _
            cdStamp, _
            nbf, _
            iSpeedInKBS, _

Problems like: “not cd into the drive” or a “damage cd” or “not writable cd” and so on.
If occorred ones of upon problems(than i notify to the client with the events: “onWaitCdMedia” and “onWaitCd”…)
i can’t how can resume the writing when i’ve fixed the problems
(example: i put the correct cd into the drive after then the event notifies me the problem)

my question is: what must i do for resume without errore the writing?do i have to re-initialize any objects? witch event can i use for make it?
somebody has got some examples about managing errors of neroCom?

sorry for my english, help me please!
greetings from italy, ciao Alessio.