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I’m currently developing an app that backs up a database to either a CD or DVD, to do this I tryed following the sample downloaded with the SDK, but it only shows you how to create Audio disks but I need to create a data disk, how is this done?


You might want to look at this thread:


Sorry but none of that seemed to work for me…

What I’m trying to do is burn to DVD+RW


Try going through the code and changind media flags for CD to media flags for DVD, e.g. look for instances of NERO_MEDIA_CD and replace with (or add) the media you require.



I also need to create Multi-Session Disks rather than once only, I’ve got it working with CR-Rs and CD-RWs, but it only seems to write once.


I got multisession to work ok, check the code in the following page:




Thanx will try that