Vb.net and burn ISO file

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i have been looking in your examples but can’t find anything i need, i hope that you could help me out here. :smiley:

im working in a colleage where our students have to burn serveral ISO files, from our Academic MSDN agreement, but i would like to track what the burn to disk.

isn’t it possible to have 2 listboxes first one with all ISO files in a folder (This i can do myself :rolleyes: )

the second one with all the writers in the computer, and a button to burn.

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I think that u have already solved it, however in the
u can found the nero example that burn iso image (burn iso image button).

I have a similar question. Assume I don’t have the ISO files, yet. Does NERO have a tool where I can generate them? If not, how can I create the ISOs using C#?

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In order to burn an ISO image I propose using ISO-burner tool. That is a small yet quick, relaible and very easy to use tool.