VariRec for better quality burns


I have noticed that turning down the laser intensity (-1 or -2 setting) with the VariRec option in Nero or Plextools yields sightly better dvd burns.

Below are some Burst test PO/PI scans from Plextools. The first scan is a burn with VariRec setting @ -2. All the other scans are of discs with VariRec turned off. Burn speed for all discs (Ridata +R 8x R03) was 4x. My drive is a 712a and I used Nero ( to burn the discs.

The difference is almost negligible and since playback of all the discs are fine on my very picky laptop drive (Matshita SR-8175) it probably isn’t worth it if one wants to burn at a faster speed than 4x.

I’m going to try some really crappy, and maybe some -R media in a couple of days and see if there’s a difference.

Maybe it’s just the inconsistent media quality, maybe not… interesting finding though.

isnt 4x the maxamum speed you can burn with varirec? if so its not worth it. plus you should look at pif more that pie. pie levels that low mean nothing.


Repeated my little experiment with my worst, most craptastic media (Optodisc +R 4x OR4). The results are much more dramatic than with the Ridata discs.

The first scan is with VariRec @ -2. The following is a typical burn from the same disc with VariRec turned off (3 scans I did were pretty much the same so I’m only posting one).

Both discs burned @ 4x with nero

VairRec :bow: is awsome on crap media if you figger out what setting to use. It sort of give you power to create your own write strategy. I figgered out that with all the combonations to try on crap media it would take like 81 disc to figger out whats the best one to use on the media (including 0 and defualt write strategy). This is the post of a Fake TY I got from yesbuy sold as housebrand. It lets you bypass the fake media code to figger out what it really is :smiley:

Note: Same Media and data. Powrec: ON AS: OFF

this is using +2 on laser power strategy 5

this is using +3 on laser power strategy 5

I tried a ton of other write strategies including the default so far these
are the best ones I got. I had to use Kprobe since plextools gives a ton of errors and the pi/po reads go thru the roof taking about 1000+ or more. Talk about a huge inflation :eek: So I had to use Kprobe and a liteon drive to get a acurrate reading. Its like a 25% inprovement overall. Varirec is a really nice feature to try out and post results if a lot of people get together and buy media from the same place to keep cost down.

The only tests (that I know from) published so far on the Varirec settings were done with the Plextor PX-712A
and you can find them here:
VariREC Tests for DVD Format
VariREC Tests for CD Format

In this other thread:
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