VariRec @ 16X

I just made a copy of an audio cd for my car stereo using PlexTools V1.20A. I enabled the VariRec option, but at the end of the write-session PlexTools showed the Actual Last Write Speed was 16X (instead of the 4X I expected). The total elased time for creating an image file from the original and writing the blank cd was 19:25. The audio cd duration is 57:25:10, so the real write speed was actually 4X I guess.

I never expierienced this using older versions of plexTools. Does anyone else have this ‘problem’?

VariRec : enabled , offset : 0
Start of writing
Copy 1 of 1
Writing Lead In + CD TEXT
Writing Track 1 Start: 00:00.00 Length: 03:46.40
Writing Track 2 Start: 03:46.40 Length: 03:54.27
Writing Track 3 Start: 07:40.67 Length: 03:22.33
Writing Track 4 Start: 11:03.25 Length: 03:27.47
Writing Track 5 Start: 14:30.72 Length: 04:07.48
Writing Track 6 Start: 18:38.45 Length: 04:06.17
Writing Track 7 Start: 22:46.10 Length: 04:54.42
Writing Track 8 Start: 27:40.52 Length: 03:26.63
Writing Track 9 Start: 31:07.40 Length: 03:43.35
Writing Track 10 Start: 34:51.00 Length: 04:17.30
Writing Track 11 Start: 39:10.15 Length: 01:45.22
Writing Track 12 Start: 40:55.37 Length: 03:31.73
Writing Track 13 Start: 48:48.52 Length: 08:36.33
Writing Lead Out
CD Copy completed successfully
Selected Write Speed : 48 X
Maximum Media Write Speed : 48 X
Actual Last Write Speed : 16 X PoweRec : enabled

Seems like a small bug in PlexTools to me. The recorder wrote the disc at 4X judging from your write time so it would mean that the PlexTools software is incorrect. Perhaps you should contact Plextor Europe and notify them of this bug!

I also think it’s a bug in the PlexTools software, so I sent an e-mail to Plextor Support with the related log-file attached.

As soon as they contact me I’ll post the results in this thread.

The same here.
VariRec didn’t work with me (PX-W4012A & PlexTools V1.20A ) either , in both cases >

  1. extracted as image in CD Copy and then recorded with VariRec enabled.
  2. extracted to single file in DAE and then recorded…failed .

Enabling VariRec had no impact on the writing speed at all. It wasn’t limited to x4 by default. Strange !

Answer from Plextor Europe:

[I]Dear sir,

I tested it here and didn’t experience this problem.
So I would suggest that you clear the registry entries from plextools.
This can be done in plextools under preferences.

Kind regards,
Peter Vermeulen
Support Engineer
Plextor Europe[/I]

I have to say this ‘16X-problem’ hasn’t showed up again on my pc, so I guess it’s just a ‘one day bug’ :wink: