Various Test Results - ProDisc, MBi, Plasmon

After testing, it seems that same company when produces premium quality range, produces a good line.

For regular range, i used 3 years old cds without scratch where as for premium i have added note for each brand.

BrandName - Regular Range - Premium Range

Samsung - TooMany Errors (4123) - 0 C2 Errors
[Note - for premium range, i used 3 years old samsung colour discs - red, blue, black, green, yellow all made by prodisc.]

Frontech - TooMany Errors (3885) - 0 C2 Errors
[Note - for premium range i used only 6 month old Frontech Data Vault Discs because before that the brand was not available. These data vault discs have very smooth coating and it seems they have an extra protection layer. they are just like those scratch free cds.]

MoserBaerPro+ - 0 Error - 0 Error
[Note - for regular range i used one 2.5 years old, one 1 year old and one around 1.8 years old moser baer pro+. For Premium range i used moser baer GOLD just launched before 3 months]

Extra notes:

Frontech DATA VAULT and MoserBaerPro+GOLD were launched just before a few months so can not comment on them, but moser baer pro+ was more than 2 years old and still gave satisfactory results

Writer: LG - GCE 8320B
Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.10 (latest)
(It seems my drive is capable only of giving C2 error information.)

Whatever, the results were quite satisfactory.
At first I was afraid when i came across this forum, since I read too many negative reports about moserbaer, plasmon and prodisc.
It seems that Moser Baer is capable of producing Very Bad to Very Good media. And that was confirmed when i saw
They offer various kinds of media to be printed. so cheaper are of lesser quality, and the ones they released under their own brand name were one of the Very Good media available.

Now, here MoserBaerPro+, Samsung(regular) and Sony has same or almost same prices (some where MBi is even cheaper than them) where as the test results show that MBiPro+ is superior to both of them.
Samsung Color Media was also excellent but I don’t find them in market now-a-days and most proably they are double the price.

So here I can conclude that for Indian users, moser baer pro+ is the one.
It has good quality-price ratio.(infact we get better quality in less bucks).
This may be their strategy to capture domestic (indian) market, but it works good and benefitial to the users.

I hope this will help all the indian users as well as others. And I will be happy if others too post their experience. Especially regards the brand “Moser Baer Pro+”

I even recommend seeing their site for more info on this protection plus technology (it seems they have an extra coating layer)

Also, I would like other users to share their Frontech DATA VAULT experience with me, since frontech is very popular among the ones who want to but cheap media. But this cheapo seems quite good. (of course I would like to mention that those cd-r were only 6 months old) so only future can tell.

Hi :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand your test results: when you mention “too many errors” followed by a number, are you referring to C1 errors? If so, how can the Moser Baer have “0 errors”? There always are C1 errors reported on a CD scan! If there are none, it means there is a bug somewhere…

BTW on this board, we prefer to see the actual scans than error counts only. :wink: - or at least it’s better to post the average error level rather than the total count… :slight_smile:

sorry! i didn’t mention clearly! those were C2 errors. my drive doesnot show c1 errors. and moserbaer have 2 0 C2 errors means one on MoserBaerPro+ and one on MoserBaerPro+GOLD. (as i was not able to insert a table i used ‘-’ as a separator and posted a NOTE below the results that 1st ‘0’ was for MoserBaerPro+ and 2nd one for MoserBaerPro+GOLD)

sorry i didn’t store the images, but if i do test again i will surely copy the images and post them ASAP

To be precise

Samsung Regular (Cheaper one, Prodisc) (3 years old) - TooMany C2 Errors (4123)
Samsung Color Media (costlier than regular with good coating, ProDisc) (3 years old) - 0 C2 Error
Frontech Regular (cheaper one, Plasmon) (3 years old) - Toomany C2 Errors (3885)
Frontech Data Vault Plus (costlier than above, Plasmon) (6 months old) - 0 C2 error
Moser Baer Pro+ (MBi - price same as samsung regular) 2.5 years old - 0 C2 error
Moser Baer Pro+GOLD (MBi - as costly as samsung colour media) only 3 months old - 0 C2 error

note:i used these new media (6 months old or 3 months old) for some brand since they didnt have those brand before 3 years in market.

i hope now my 1st post becomes clear.

i meant to say that no matter some brands make cheap media, which is clearly seen even in my tests, if we use their premium line costlier media, they are quite good.

and in some other post i saw these being compared to TY.
please dont misunderstand. i am not claiming these cheapos being as great as TY.
i am merely help indian people because they do not have any other choice. so they have to choose among these cheapos. so why not to choose a better cheapo?
that’s it

I have been using GOLD media too.
I think Moser Baer GOLD is the only GOLD cd available in india market.

The pont is, these CD-s seem very thin. I mean, if i look them in the light (of tubelight) I find them almost transparent, so it gives me feel that the protective layer might be very thin.

This is a terrible weakness of many newer CD-R media. But if the reflectivity is still in the specifications this should not be a problem, unless your drive is crappy.

i had a thought!

at on side i have a thin media (but real gold reflective layer) which works really fine. (Made by MBIL - Moser Baer Pro+ GOLD)

on the other hand i have a silver media which doen’t look transparent in tubelight (as underboss7000 says :wink: ) (Made by Prodisc - Samsung PLeomax series)

which one would be more durable? i mean it’s said that gold has longer lifespan and it doesn’t corrode, but wouldn’t the thin layer be more exposed to scraches?
Where as the other silver media has “APPARENTLY” thick layer (Because it doesn’t look transparent in the light of tubelight), won’t it be more scratch resistent?

And what about colour media? Everybody says don’t fall for cheap media. and where i live, i can find the most expensive media is Samsung Pleomax Colour (Prodisc)
and 2nd most expensive Moser Baer Pro+ GOLD (Moser Baer)

Please check this thread i just posted
I don’t have SAMSUNG PLOMAX right now, so can’t say
MBi Gold is thin

or u can directly go here

You need to consider that there is a thin protective layer of coloring above the metal layer.
I think the Moser Baer media will be superior to Prodisc, although both are, sadly, not top-fame manufacturers.

well thanks! u made my day!
i just bought 100 Moser Baer Gold today