Various Lite-On news - software, firmware and drives



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Here is some of the latest news from Lite-On:

SMART-BURN media checker version 2.0:

This version supports all 32X to 48X drives from Lite-On. This program will tell you the…

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Hey this program dont work 4 me, have a win xp in my comp, when i double clike on the file i get Mode sense error and cant get the cdr imformation, what gives


i got ‘mode sense error’ too in WinXP. then i went ahead with the program and got this message: This Disc is designed for Unknown Disc Type, Material = Unknown ATIP Lead-in = Unknown Norminal Capacity = Unknown Disc Manufacturer maybe = Unknown SMART-BURN Speed Limit = Unknown this is using the CompUSA 24x media, which i cant get to burn. i downloaded the latest firmware today. no help. so i put in the cd-r that came with the lite-on drive, and i got the same thing! :frowning:


btw, i have the Lite-On 32x


one other thing i just tried was upgrading the aspi to 4.71 from 4.60, and still nothing. it is all installed collectly using ForceASPI. and i also used the CDR-Identifier program and still no media detected on either media. i am using the XS0X firmware for my liteon 32x


Well, exactly the same with me. My OS is XP and I was thinking that I was the only one who had this prob. No matter which of those I tried - 32x, 40x and now for 48x . WTF?!:r