Various formats to svcd?

Nero express does a decent (and i stress DECENT) job of doing this, but is there any multi-purpose tool for converting a multitude of formats such as wmv, mpg, divx etc to svcd? Nero express doesn’t handle all the formats I need, and while I’ve downloaded a few other tools to do conversion to formats it can handle, it ends up being a lot of trouble…largely because NE is a bitch, and will show that your videos fill up 650mb of a cd, then when it finishes transcoding all of them it will tell you to insert media with 89 minutes of space, etc. Quite annoying.

I think you’ll find “Canopus Procoder” will do the job nicely.

DVD2SVCD can convert VOB’s or AVI’s to SVCD using CCE/TMPGenc or Procoder as the encoder. Check out the Tute in the Tutorial section.

Nero sucks bigtime converting to SVCD, try the above tute using CCE and you will see a HUGE difference in final pic quality.