Variations between ND-3540 drives - observations



I think I’ll post my opservaions between different ND-3540A drives. It looks like they are differently calibrated and thus some works ok while other works very poor.

Drive 1: April 2005 Black Malaysia (my drive that I normally use).
Drive 2: May 2005 Black Malaysia
Drive 3: May 2005 Black Malaysia
Drive 4: Netfind posted at a Norwegian forum.


Drive 4 vs drive 1 with TY T02 @ 8x.

My drive work ok with this media at 8x, but the other drive doesn’t work well at all on the area written at 6x.


Drive 1
Drive 2 (not good)
Drive 3

Prodisc.R03 @ 12x - all from same spindle. No real good results, but ND-3540A is not a good writer at 12x anyway.


Drive 1
Drive 2 Horrible
Drive 3 Horrible

Daxon.AZ2 @ 12x - all from same spindle. No real good results, but ND-3540A is not a good writer at 12x anyway.


This is exactly what I suspect from the beggining when I’ve tested my first Nec 3540. Also my current Nec 3540 is far from good… none of burned disc got even close to what my LG 4163, BenQ 1640 or Philips 1640P burn. Also the interesting thing is when using LD firmware the scans are even worse than with 1.01 firmware.

  1. scan - YUDEN000T02 (1125) @ 16x with 1.01
  2. scan - YUDEN000T02 (1125) @ 16x with 1.W4

Edit: Don’t they calibrate for the reason that all drives burn and read as much the same as they can ? =)


Thanks for all the efforts. I knew the 3540 was having problems but I was not aware that they were this bad. :sad:


My NEC 3540 is beige, Malaysia April 2005.

Burns Prodisc R03 reasonably well at 8X and poor at 12X


No problems with my drive or the firmware on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course not. =) Still the drive got a “Safe Buy” award from CDFreaks… now I wonder if this drive is really a safe buy if it has such problems?


One could say that about any drive. You can only evaluate the drive you have for review. Going by forum posts. A few BenQ drives break down. Is that to say it didn’t warrant a “Editors Choice Award”? Of course not. The drive was tested as is.


i think nec (and all other manufactures) should have a more rigorous quality check of the steps to produce a drive. it’s amazing how some people get excellent drives and others get crappy ones.


“Editors Choice” and “Safe Buy” are different… Im my eyes “Safe Buy” means most of the drives are consistant and you can’t go wrong with the drive. I would not give such a award to any drive if it’s not prooven to be consistant. But “Editors Choice” award is in my eyes something editor would choose to buy if he would be buying a new drive… which doesn’t mean the drive is prooven consistant and means exactly what it should… the sample that he tested was very good.


Safe buy = sample drive performs well and has no issues that will cause serious problems when using it. But doesn’t offer anything new or revolutionary or being extremely good in all areas.


And where is the explenation of what which award means then? =)


Yep - looks like we have to make a statement on that somewhere - so it could be seen by everybody.


I have same error pattern with some prodiscr03.


I’m getting decent burns at 6x and 8x. 16x is disastrous and 4x is pretty bad too.

6x burn:


burn at 6x, scan 16x (this is getting pretty bad, I might get another burner):


Both my 3540A drives are (one actually “was” - it has failed…) made in Malaysia, May 2005. The first one was silver, the second one is black.

Both are excellent writers… no complaint about writing quality. My Pioneer 109 still has an edge for some media, but it’s slight.

Actually are there many retail versions of the 3540A? I’m asking because in my experience, there are more variations between bulk electro-mechanical devices than between retail ones. I’ve always thought that the reason for this was the transport, bulk appliances being more prone to shocks because they’re often not conditioned very carefully. And then, there is handling in the shops, where retail appliances are better protected against rough handling than bulk ones are…

I’m not saying this is the reason behind the variations between 3540A drives, it was just to throw in my 2 cents. :wink:


Good point, makes sense to me. The retail units are boxed in an styrofoam casing and would be less prone to shock. The OEM I received from Newegg came in a box with peanuts, greater chance of it shifting in shipping and making contact with cardboard box and absorbing some shock.
I wonder how the distributors ship the oem units to places like Newegg.