Variation on 1620/1640

Hi :slight_smile:
This may seem stupid but I’ve already got 2 1640’s (1 crossflashed to 740)
I thought I’d add a third (So 1 for ripping - 1 for writng as 1640 - 1 - writing as 740)
However a local dealer who’s been unable to get the 1640, but is prepared to let me have a 1620 at a good price (yet to be set)
I can go online for the 1640 but wondered if 1620 is a worthy contender in this case.
NB I don’t yet know if it’s a 1630 or 1620 pro but I guess if 1620 I can crossflash to Pro

A lot of that is covered in the FAQ, but there is no 1630 writer and the 1620/1620 Pro are the same the Pro was added as a means of marketing the new features in the firmware from B7P9 onwards.

The rip speed and the burn quality is virtually the same for both drives, with some people getting better quality from the 1620 and faster rips from the 1640 (just barely). There is a long history of the 1620 having early failures but if you are dealing with a local dealer and they are standing behind the drive there is no risk.

The only downside is that you will wind up with, essentially, three of the same burners. If you are going to spend the money make sure some other drive might not add something you could use.

Hi :slight_smile:
Yeah 1630 was typo
I thought that whilst some 1620 owners say that it’s got the edge. So not neccessary to upgrade to 1640 that it might be an option.
DVDRW’s already in use Plextor 708 x 2 - 716 x2 - NEC 3520 x 2 - 3540 x 1
LG 4163 x 2 - BenQ 1640 x2