Variable Write Playback Problems

I’ve noticed that some of my DVDs have playback problems when the burning phase uses variable write speeds to burn the movie. I know the burn speed was variable due to the different shades of the dye on the DVD after the burn. What is weird is that I use Nero Express to burn and I selected a burn speed of 6x, yet it still must have burned at various speeds. Any idea how to correct for the problem, ie. lower to 4x speed?

Also the problem may not even be variable write speed related. Is it possible that I can get playback problems from the DVDShrink decoding stage? This time I used both deep analysis and AEC so decoding was even extra long.

when you burn dvd-video always use dvddecrypter (write iso), i´ve never had any problems with dvds burnt with decrypter

try it, you´ll see

I back this up, Decrypter ISO writing gives me better burns than anything else when it comes to video. :iagree:

If you still have this problem though using Decrypter, maybe it’s a media related issue. What’s your burner BTW? And the media used?

The burner is a Sony DW-D56A and I’m using Sony Media ID DVD-R 8x.

Sheesh, so many ways to do the same thing. So you decode/compress with Shrink to an ISO and then burn with Decrypter…I could just as well burn at 6x using Nero as well no? I looked at Shrink and I don’t see an option for decoding into an ISO as opposed to VOB files…also will a ISO DVD have full menu functionalities?>

try using different media (perhaps some quality dvd+r media). your dvd burner is actually manufactured by lite-on, and the lite-on dvd burners are known to be picky with dvd-r media.

“I looked at Shrink and I don’t see an option for decoding into an ISO”

In my signature, you’ll find a link to a tutorial on how to use Decrypter and Shrink together. Shrink creates and ISO that you may then burn with Decrypter (or Nero if you really want to stick with it). It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s safe.

Decrypter burns are of better quality than Nero ones, at least on my drive. Many users report the same, that Decrypter is one of the very best burning tools.

“also will a ISO DVD have full menu functionalities?”

ISO has nothing to do with it, you get the exact same DVD contents either way. But the burning process will be cleaner with ISO because only one big file is managed at the burning stage.

Please read the ISO FAQ on CDFreaks

Cheers :slight_smile:

That guide at does not explain how Shrink can create an ISO file. It automatically creates VOB and IFO files.

when you press backup there is an icon of burning disc - set iso image file or the second option

That tab is inactivated for some reason.

try reinstall it, never had this problem or use this

Ok I figured out what you mean, but my burned ISO DVD doesn’t have full menu functions. And I had to add all the VOB files to a playlist like I’m using Winamp, in order to play the movie. And the menu didn’t even work…couldn’t click on anything. Can standalone dvd players even recognize ISO DVDs?


You need to read some documentation around the net before asking questions that raise so many other questions that it’s almost impossible to help you. Start with the FAQs on this very forum. Have you read the ISO FAQ I gave you the link for? Probably not, as you keep on thinking ISO is some sort of DVD format, which it is not.

There is absolutely no difference between a DVD burned in ISO mode and a DVD burnt in “standard” mode. It’s only the burning process that is different. The actual files on the DVD are exactly the same.

If you don’t have menu functionalities, you must have done something wrong when authoring your DVD in Shrink. Now this is another problem…

“That guide at does not explain how Shrink can create an ISO file”
You’ll find another guide to Shrink/Decrypter, very detailed, here: