Variable playback software

is there a variable playback audio software available for win98x? I’ve tried the newest media player 9 but it seems to be that feature is only available for XP systems… Any suggestion would be gladly accepted…

This may sound awful stupid, but what do you mean by “variable playback” ???

i was about to ask the same thing.

variable playback means that you can either slow down or speed up the playback of audio(it is not running at fixed or constant speed like ordinary cdplayer). It can be useful for detecting errors(like gaps,silence or cut) in a middle of a song or cd. Because you can adjust the speed, the time you will spent will be less instead of listening the full cd 74 minutes or more to be sure that it is error free. I needed it because i burn customized audio cd.

Okay :slight_smile:

Do a search on for the Pitchfork plugin…!

i have a program called wave repair that scans an entire wav and goes from there - if that suits your fancy. it does much more than what i needed it to.

Thanks! I’ll try that one. Also will search for that wave repair…