VARI REC, how does it work?

Hello everybody !
I’m writing to see if anybody knows something about how Vari Rec works and how it should be set according to the user’s needs.
I own a Plexwriter 40x and actually both the Plextor site and the burner manual are not very clear about this topic.

Waiting for your replies, guys !!



This technology is there to let you tweak the laserpower during an audio-recording. One of the most frequent things is that certain media isn’t playable in car hifi-systems andso. Altering the laserpower could help a lot. Only to use when you are experiencing problems because the default setting is most-likely the best setting for your drive.

The default setting should give you the best quality result , because these are the optimum settings for the plextor for the used media. The default setting for a certain type of media was aquired in the testlabs from Plextor.

VariRec is just a (pretty hilarious) commercial gizmo, forget it.