Vanishing TA Jitter tab in Nero CD-DVD-Speed


maybe a small problem, but i would like to know how to fix it.

At work I have a desktop pc with a LiteOn DH-20A4P (9P54) in it, at home there’s a maxi tower with another DH-20A4P in it. On both computers i’m using Windows XP Pro SP2, Nero 6 Reloaded and - as an enhancement - Nero CD-DVD-Speed

At work i get a tab “TA Jitter”, at home this tab is not available. How comes?
What can i do, to get the TA Jitter tab at home?

Thanks for any suggestion.


Can You make TA jitter test on your 20A4P? In my computer tab TA jitter is not aviable.

I’ll give it a try when i return to my workplace on Monday :iagree:

Don’t forget to do it. :slight_smile:

With i wasn’t able to do TA Jitter Scans (grey pushbutton), but with the current it is possible to do TA Jitter Scans using a LiteOn DH-20A4P (9P54)