Vanguard 4x DVD-R - Check Scans Please

I am able to come by this media dirt cheap…I mean extremely cheap.
The PC company I work for is about to put these on sale in 50packs for 19.99$.
I know that it’s “VANGUARD” media and has proven to be crap in the past…but these scans don’t look that bad.
Of course, I am not the expert as I have found some of you in this forum to be.

Please let me know what you think before I decide to stock up and recommend this media to my customers.

I have not done any playback tests on my DVD players yet but will before the night is through.


Appears to be moderate quality media.
Your scans are within the ‘suggested’ PI/PIF level specifications, however the end of the disc has some readability problems as you can see in the transfer rate scan.
The 851 is generally regarded as a pretty good reader, this means that some other drives/standalones that are poor readers might have trouble reading the end of this disc.
Can you tell us the PC company that will soon have these on sale and when they are scheduled to go on sale?

Yeh…that end of the disc read is what was bothering me.
Most of the information I can gather about the VANGUARD media is that it’ll play OK until you get toward the end of the video.
That’s gonna bug me.
As soon as I’m done playing NCAA 2005 on my XBOX, I’ll be watching the above mentioned burned DVD to see what happens.

As far as the PC company…
It is PC Club and can be found at - there are ~60 stores in 13 different states and definitely worth stopping by one if it is local for you.
The media in question can be found on the website regularly priced at 29.99$ for the 50pack of 4xDVD-R. It’s labeled as "“SONY” on the site, but I have no idea why. I’ll be checking into that tomorrow.

For the month of August, there will be many sales on PC hardware and the like. The DVD media I’m talking about here will drop to 19.99$ and there will also be CDRs at 17.99$ “Buy-One-Get-One-Free” 100packs. All sorts of hardware and hardware packages will also go on sale as well.

If you’re planning to buy online, be warned…

  • they do not ship international
  • you will be charged state tax if a PC Club store is located in your state
  • shipping charges will apply and are in some cases “less than friendly”

I guess I’ll be able to push the media for “data” and “games”…actual DVD video (full capacity) will be a bit subjective, though.

Any more input will be greatly appreciated.

Yes, I’m very familiar with PCClub.
We have quite a few shops here in Phoenix, AZ.
Any chance they will also be selling a 25 pack for $10 ?
I might be willing to pick up a 25 pack for testing… but I don’t want an entire 50 pack of subpar media…

Only 25packs are the RITEK 4x-R G04, RITEK 4x+RW, and a 1x-R that I haven’t checked out as we don’t stock it here.

Anyone with a 2500A/2510A able to test these yet?
If so, I would be very interested in a Kprobe scan. :slight_smile:

I know a couple of guys who bought the NEC drives when we carried them. I’ll see if they are still in possession of them and get a scan, if at all possible.

Thanks for the effort. :slight_smile:
I ordered a 50 pack for testing anyway…
I couldn’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Please post your scans.
I’ve done a few more scans and they all come out the same.

So far…they play fine in my KLH KD1220.
I’ve given the to buddies of mine to check them out and they have not noticed any jitter or artifacting towards the end of the discs.

They work fine for games and data, though.
Eh…for 20$ a 50pk…I’llprobably pick up a couple more anyway.


The LiteOn 1213s is also on sale.

DVD Test forum thread has been started to compile scans for this media:

Writer: NEC2500A
Firmware: 107 HV2B5
Burnspeed: 4X
Data: 4.29GB video

This is my best scan yet on this media:

DVDSpeed test for the same disc:

It seems that most of these discs have some readability issues near the end.
Here’s another disc burnt at 4X, Transfer rate test done on NEC2500A:

well i bought this crap a while ago, and with my new firmware on my liteon drive it works, before wouldnt recognize my disc

but here is the shot, i got a 50 pack for 15 bucks

anyone else try or have used this? they where unmarked shiny generic at pc club, the worst place to buy media but it was cheap at the time