'Vandal' or Trojan Horse'?



Can anybody tell me the difference between a socalled “Vandal” and a “Trojan Horse”?
Is there any difference?



Vandal is the person who tries to install a trojan horse on your computer.(think so, I’m dutch)
Trojan horse is software that makes a so called “back door” to your computer without your knowledge.
This way he can do anything with your computer…he can do al the stuff you are doing on your computer.
So get a good virus and trojan scanner!
Scan EVERY file that comes onto your computer…even from friends.
try this virus scanner, it is a trail version… http://www.avp.com and try this trojan scanner, its the best http://www.moosoft.com
Just put a message in this topic if you need some register keys.

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x-ceed,Thanx for your information.
Just needed this because there was a discussion here. On a lot of virus-sites you can get information about Trojan-Horses. On e-safe.com they only mention ‘Vandals’ instead of ‘Trojan Horses’ So i thought that it was something new. But thanx to you, i know it isn’t