Van Helsing DVD - 2 titles; what are they..?

I just did Van Helsing and saw that there were 2 main titles with the same lenght. When I did the preview in DVD Shrink I could see any difference in them, so what is it good for?

One will be widescreen 16.9 the other normal screen 4.3.

Thanks! Is there anyway I can figure out which one is what?

If I preview the titles in DVD Shrink I can’t seem to see the difference.

Hmm that’s funny, Van Helsing doesn’t come out until October 19th in the US…

It’s out in Aussie land…to rent anyway.

Damn US never gets anything ontime it seems, oh well, I guess I will just have to wait another week and a half, it won’t kill me :slight_smile:

Usually the first one is wide screen.
If you rip it with SmartRipper it gives the aspect ratio.

Thanks I’ll try SmartRipper.

i’m trying to backup Van Helsing (widesreen Region 1)…

…but on my inspection, Title 1 and Title 2 are BOTH widescreen (and I would think so too since it’s the Widescreen version that I got as it says on the cover art) instead of one being widescreen and the second being fullscreen as someone else suggested in this thread…

…so can sum1 enlighten me what’s the difference between Title 1 and Title 2 (cuz tried as I might, I couldn’t)

Thanks very much!

theatrical version
directors cut
unrated version
directors commentary (cast, crew, producer, waterboy…)

but in your case it seems:
multiple angles