Vampires problem

Well i figured out that the game uses safedisc 3.022(whatever) and so i used alcohol 120% tomake an image of the file. But when i try to play either busing the image or the physical cd drive, there is an odd message saying “cd/dvd program detected, plz deactivate and restart application” What should i do?

Do you also use CloneCD?

If you have CloneCD or D-Tools installed try removing them, as they are blacklisted.

Ben :slight_smile:

I can run Vampire successfully from a D-Tools virtual drive so it’s not fully blacklisted.


With the latest version yes, but versions before 3.46 are blacklisted.

Ben :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, it was that clone cd program tha caused all this. Btw the game rocks!!!

Since i’m a newbie i’m asking for your help once more. I wanna burn the images into a DVD+R (that’s what it says on the case but in the shop they told me i can write dvd-r too) but when i use the alcohol, in the device status panel it says “not an empty disc(DVD)”. What other program could i use? Also in the alcohol when i burn sth from my hard drive to a cd, and the original has safedisc 2/3 what disc type should i select? Lastly, the game has 3 cds,can i fit them all in the same dvd and still work as the originals?

You can simply burn the image files using Nero or any other writing software and mount them from your DVD using vdrives. If your DVDRW can write + and - you can choose one media. As long as the vdrives aren’t blacklisted the images will work like your originals.

Well can i just burn a cd that works just like the original, with no need of mounting images? you know creating a cd that has the autorun menu and all this stuff like the original, cause i bet that i cant install a game using the image ,right?

You can create a working backup of this game but with this SafeDisc version it can be a bit annoying as it’s very hardware dependant creating a ‘1:1’ backup. Check out this thread for different methods and succes rates Didn’t try installing SafeDiscs games just mounting them using a vdrive for quite some time but it probably works just give it a try and post your result.

well, in my experience even the worsest images run from a v-drive…
i can read any SD 3.x game with max speed with any drive, the image will always work in a v-drive, but if i’d burn it it would never work…

what i found about the alc v-drive is that it is able to run DVD-Safedisc-protections… :wink:
for example MOH: PA (german DVD-version, with Safedisc DVD 3.20.024 on it) runs really great if read with Alc and mounted in it’s v-drive… :slight_smile:

Wait, so you don’t need any special reading options in Alcohol 120%? I thought it could only read DVDs with no special options.