Vampire - The Masquerade (Bloodlines.)

Hi guys,

I have a quick question for you?

I want to create a backup of Vampire…? But I’m having problems.

When I scan the 1st CD, using CloneyXXL, it reckons disc 1 has SafeDisc 2.9 on it (10 Skulls!)?

I can make a backup up of it in Alcohol 120% but then the game wont load from the the backup?

Any idea how I can create an 100% fully functional backup? Hopefully without SafeDisc on it?

PS. I’m quite new to this sort of thing…:wink:



ClonyXXL is very outdated, it won’t recognize the right protection any more…
try the A-Ray Scanner ( )
what hardware do you have? what burner?
did you use the search here to find out how to backup the new versions of safedisc? i guess, NO …
might help you…

btw: don’t double post - especially don’t post any questions in the protection list section of this forum, i guess that post will be deleted very soon…

Thanks mate;)


just back it up with nero, make .iso’s of the disc then burn again with nero, or make .isos with winiso then burn em with nero, worked for me.