Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines Install

Ok i just got this game from ----------------- <Torrent Site>

Im kind of new at this whole Alcohol120% thing and also the whole install process.

Heres what ive done so far.

After Downloading the game I use IsoBuster to open the game file up.

I extract all the files for cd1 and put them in a folder, same for cd2 and cd3 each with their own folder.

Now there were some .cue files that came with each cd. I just put the .cue files with the cd# they go with in the file.

Using Nero Express I took all the files that have VTMB_cd1 and burned them to a disk along with the .cue file.

Installation starts and runs fine until it ask’s me for Cd 2. I did everything the same with cd 2 that I did with CD 1 but it keeps asking me to put in Cd2.

I dont know what i did wrong.

If anyone might know what i might have done wrong please post a solution.

Thank you!

The problem is that you dont own the game, go buy it from your local game/computer store.

I suggest you read the forum rules before posting again, a link to the rules is in my sig.

Thread Closed.