Vampire: Bloodlines (PC)

Can’t even play the damn game. I bought it (albiet used off eBay) and it doesn’t need an install key or anything. It detects my Alcohol 120% software among maybe other programs. I am NOT removing my tools.

Anyone fix this?

so your saying it displaying the “Emulation software detected” error? try going into A120%,options, emulation then untick evey box there. Also disable any virtual you have on. If you have CloneCD installed try unticking “Hide CDR media” in the system tray icon.


These are the programs I have:

Alcohol 120%
CloneCD (I just uninstalled it because I no longer need it. Alcohol > CloneCD)
DVD Decrypter

I unchecked very option in Alcohol, but I still can’t run the game. I do indeed get the CD/DVD emulation message.

I got it working. It was either selecting (checking)“Ingore Media Type” in Alcohol 120% emulation, or it was uninstalling CCD.

Oh ok :slight_smile:

If you have any other Q’s ask asway!


It was CloneCD.