ValueLine Yudens discontinued... get them now!



I have received an announcement that Taiyo Yuden, now owned by JVC, have discontinued the popular “Value Line” series of discs. Some vendors still have these in stock. If you like these discs, you should get some before they are… gone.


Thanks for sharing the info Dalen!

I wonder what this means for TY’s (JVC’s) strategies in the various market segments and what this protends for the quality level of the CDs/DVDs that TY/JVC produces?


Wow verbs are not that easy to find (well the good ones) and now TY! Glad I went to saving onto a hdd for my WD Player.


My best guess is that they will not bother doing quality control and just mix the “value line” discs in with the premium batches. This is what most vendors are doing now. You rather get the impression that nobody cares about quality of DVD now that the discs are not selling at a premium prices anymore.


The value line discs are terrible quality given the brand name… it’s tie for TY/JVC to be associated with STORE BRAND/Generic quality media. I have some TY dvd-r’s and they DO NOT BURN WELL at any speed other than 8x. That doesn’t bother me b/c I’m almost exclusively burning my backups in BD-R 25gb chunks now. Sure, it’s more money, but the time savings are kind of worth it. I just wish I would have spent the extra dough to get a Blu Ray drive that scans the media. LG’s 10x drive doesn’t.

$29 for value line isn’t a good deal. Go buy on-sale store media, it’s about the same quality. Most educated folk highly recommend the verbatim AZO SL discs. (normally btw $15-$26 for 100 w/ free shipping) @ newegg.


[QUOTE=Dalen Quaice;2587577]My best guess is that they will not bother doing quality control and just mix the “value line” discs in with the premium batches.[/QUOTE]

I recently purchased a rebadged stack of Value-Line discs. The packaging has a “Value DVD-R” label attached, but they added a JVC sticker that says “For Professional Use”. Needless to say, it was sold as an official JVC product.

Quality appears to be the same as typical Value-Line - dye blemishes on some discs, higher error counts, etc. I haven’t burned enough discs to gauge failure rate, but I’ll assume that it should be the same as my previous Value-Lines (for every stack I’ve tried, at least 15% of the discs struggle through a TRT).

As with any Taiyo Yuden product, discs that pass a TRT with a smooth curve play back fine on all my standalone players. Nevertheless, it’s a bit concerning that these can be passed off as “professional quality”.



My best advice - NEVER buy [B][I][U]any[/U][/I][/B] brand of [B]Value Line Discs[/B]-PERIOD!!!


What bigmike7 says is so true.



My best advice - NEVER buy [B][I][U]any[/U][/I][/B] brand of [B]Value Line Discs[/B]-PERIOD!!![/QUOTE]

I could not of said it better myself. I still have a couple hundred of the
Sony 8x TO2’s and about 700 of the Azo Verbs and when there gone I’ll
probably start thinking blue ray or whatevers next.