Value line Taiyo Yuden worth .27 each?

I just bought a 100 bundle today at supermediastore. Link. I also bought 100 Pack Slim 7mm Double Black DVD Cases for storage. Since both were free shipping, do you think I got good value for movie/media storage? I’m new to the whole blank media scene, lemme know how im crackin.

Should be okay. :slight_smile:

Note that some of the value line are not the 8x rated DVD-R (TYG02) but instead 16x rated DVD-R (TYG03) which is not as well supported as TYG02. If you have a recent burner (released in 2006 and/or 18x burner) then TYG03 will be fine for you and give similarly good results.
If you have one of the earlier 16x burner, I would recommend getting the premium line 8x DVD-R instead, if you have an older 12x or 8x max. burner I would strongly recommend that.

I prefer non-slim, full size cases, but maybe that’s more a matter of personal preference.

Sorry for the messy post :bigsmile:

Premium quality TY 8x -R at Rima is $.27 each.

Heck, you can get hub-printable for $.33.

thats not including shipping though

As my grandpappy used to say: penny wise - pound foolish. Ask yourself why Rima refuses to sell “value-line” TY. :flower: