Validate your XP and get free or discounted software

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 Last  September, Microsoft began a pilot program that allowed users to anonymously  validate their copy of XP, to determine if it was genuine and not a pirated  version. There were no incentives...
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hehe…MS workin the action with some free software … old Bill must be curious how much cash he’s missing out on

Rather brilliant. You don’t get in trouble, but MS gets a better insight into the piracy problem, AND those that bought a PC with Windows get to accurately verify the legitimavy of their copy. Not only that, but if you’re running a not-paid-for-and-you-know-it version, you still get the software, but MS gets statistics.

i have a genuine copy of windows xp, so i might take part. but i dont think its gonna make users with a pirate copy think “ooohhh, i must buy a genuine copy of windows xp 'coz ill get photostory 3”. ben :slight_smile:

Geez you would have to be insane if u knew u had a pirated version and tried to validate…log files people…ip address’s…and when the big boys buy the law out to a point where something can be done…bang down goes your door and off you go. No thanks. I mean my ip is being logged right now…right ??

I think the stategy here is to stop those that profit from piracy. They are fighting it like a drug war at the dealers level. Take the computer back if they won’t, then write a piracy report. I f I pay good money for a box, I damn sure don’t want a pirated OS on it. Kudos to MS for a good idea. PS, they ain’t gonna track anyone private individual down. IMHO.

i dont have a pirate version only because i have win xp pro for free (msdn AA) :slight_smile:

yay! a free copy of photostory 3… if you really want that program jus find a pirated version of it… lol

I think it is fairly unlikely that they would go after individual users. Unlike some other corporations, they realize that sueing end users is NOT the best way to increase business. They are probably looking for trends like Ma & Pa Computers in Bumsville that sold 200 computers with a pirated copy. I think they are only checking against a list of known pirated keys anyway. I loaded up XP using VMWare - using a keygen’d key - and they say I’m valid. :slight_smile:

{sarcasm} That’s real smart. You just directly promoted criminal activity. Good way to stay out of the eye of the authorities. {/sarcasm}

if you try to download some “free” programs off of microsoft site like windows media player 10. you will be told you must have a valid copy of windows xp in order to download which is pretty snooby

Of all Microsoft software, I think the corporate version of WinXP is the most difficult to obtain. Now if you can get it, I’m sure you can get that PhotoStory 3 software 10 times easier. Since I have a valid copy of WinXP, I really wish they offered something better though, like office (at a heavy discount) rather than PhotoStory which probably sucks compared to other alternatives.

i prefer they offer a win xp bug free :slight_smile:

PhotoStory 3 sucks. It’s not even worth pirating

@Kopycat- you make a very good suggestion. Office is ridiculously over priced any way and is a real cash cow for MS. I agree a heavy discount would be a more appropriate reward. and frankly, would probably deter piracy bettter than anything.

if you want to see the Microsoft developers behind Photostory discuss it, check out There are a couple vids on the front page talking with the developers. Myself, I haven’t tried it or seen the vids; no interest. Just thought some of you might be. No doubt MS will get much heavier-handed in future regarding legitimacy. This is just the beginning.