Vaio DVD writer headaches



Hi guys this is my first post here so please be patient with me.
I came to this forum after much searching to solve my problem and it seems it’s not easy to solve.
I have Vaio laptop SZ2HP which I bought in July 06 in UK. As far as I recall it has never recognised DVD-R discs although I have no problem writing to CD-R and CD-RW.
It plays DVD’s but lately they stop near the end and I have to eject and replay, sometimes I select a different player to continue, I suspect this may be heat related and is a minor issue.
Windows XP does not show any issues with the drive which is Matshita UJ-842D.
I have tried updating drivers but am told I have the latest available.
I uninstalled the drive then re-booted, still no change.
I looked in registry to and deleted ‘Upper Filters and Lower FIlters’ without change.
Now I find that Device Manager hangs when I try to uninstall DVD-R/CD-RW drive and i have to close it with Task Manager.
Restoring this system to original factory condition is not an option as my HDD is nearly full of photo’s etc which is one of the reasons I need to write DVD’s
Roxio does not work and gives error messages when closed.
All programs I have tried to read DVD-R’s ask for a writable medium to be inserted in disc tray, including Sony’s Click to DVD.
Tried Sony DVD-RW discs, TDK DVD-R, Phillips DVD+R, Verbatim etc
I suspect a faulty drive but how can I check ?
Also would anyone be able to recommend a replacement drive ?


Matshita drives are known to be a problem and many a Vaio owner will testify to this…replace it!
Almost anything will be better. Go to a reputable shop and see what´s available. Simple to swap out so they shouldn´t charge you too much.

Other than that you may need to re-install your entire system. Back-up all files first, and make a note of all your serial numbers. Then, don´t forget to go to the Sony site for your laptop model and download all necessary drivers.

A final option: save all the drama and get a new machine. :iagree:


Well thanks for the reply but it’s painful to read…OUCH !

I was hoping to find some software or a patch to get it working.

Please tell me I don’t have to do a full install that would take too long as I’ve been using this machine for two and a half years and is no longer anything like stock configuration.

To replace the whole thing for the sake of a silly little problem like this is not justifiable.

There must be a better solution


Another option, get a nice external drive…Samsung may be one of the best right now.

They are better than lappy drives any day, and they will at least let you get your photos backed up onto disc (I´d use CD´s too rather than DVDs…but that´s another story), then start sorting out your lappy drive problem.

When I had a Vaio, I replaced my crapped out Matshita with NEC, and bought an external Liteon…got everything sorted, reinstalled the system…everything worked fine until the MB got damaged due to my regular bicycle accidents :doh: Have a Dell now…


Thanks Deanimator it’s probably the best thing for me right now but I would like to try as much as possible to get it sorted.

I should have bought an IMac instead


Do you think the Omnipatcher would be any use ?
Is there any way to adapt it ?


Just want to bump this back up in case anyone notices it and has a ‘Eureka’ moment.

I’ve been in touch with Vaio Support on their forum and they have made a few suggestions but nothing has worked so far. I downloaded the original ‘Utils’ files and installed them and also the original drivers.

I have to continue to try to sort this out because I don’t have any other option right now, any other suggestions would be most welcome, maybe there is a website you could direct me to?