Vacuum tube amplifier for iPod

I just posted the article Vacuum tube amplifier for iPod.

I don’t
know what to think of this. Audiophiles I suppose, like to have these fancy
amps that use old fashioned vacuum tubes, yet they might cringe at this. To
strap an iPod on top…

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IPOD is a kiddy toy and dont know why they invented a tube amp for it. And the audio quality from an ipod is not as good as original CD being output from dual or quad burr brown chip DAC. Such a waste of money on it

Ah geez, another one… There’s like 3-5 new iPod systems like this every month, most of which are just terrible & severly overpriced. btw, can anyone tell me when the last time, Klipsch, Logitech or any other company has released 5.1 &/or 7.1 speakers for the computer?

Such a waste:B Tube Amplifier + Digital source is a unique sound…but from a good source like CD… Tks, for im my life, at least several times, had the plager of wearing such machines… What a sound! ( At my home, i couldn`t wear my own system for several days:B:r:B)