Vacation spots in US for my Son

My Brother and Sister in-law want to take my son on a vacation to anywhere in the US (not Hawaii or Alaska) for his High School graduation present. They are thinking a Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun. trip.

My son is very excited about it but has no idea where he wants to go.

Could use some good ideas from you guys, my in-laws are 44 and my son will be 18 when they leave if that helps :slight_smile:


Destin Flordia is where many of the graduates here go to…
its much cleaner than most beaches …due to the past hurricanes and such…

on a side note…depending on how much $$ they want to spend…my brother is sending his son on a crusie to mexico for just 455 per person…they have 7 days and 2 ports of calls… a big group of his friends are going along with a few adults…

What does your son like to do? Fish,swim,look at girls etc…

It really depends on their tastes in vacations. If they are the outdoors type who like to hike and do photography, I’d suggest the Zion/Bryce Canyon area of Utah. And its just a short hop over to the Grand Canyon.

Yep, depends so much on what he likes. Central Florida is fun because of the theme parks. (I did DisneyWorld for the first time in '03, in my late '30s… it was a blast. Riding roller coasters all day at Busch Gardens was awfully fun too.)

San Francisco is an iconic US city that everyone should see.

Utah was a good recommendation. Yosemite National Park in California is stunning too.

Hiking on the Olympic Peninsula is on my list…

A weekend of baseball games in any major league city is always fun.

For hiking and outdoor things, I really like New Hampshire. Great mountains :iagree:

For activity vacations San Diego is cool - Sea World, the zoo, and the old town and worth checking out - plus surfing and the beach in nice weather.

May I suggest a “house Boat” vacation on Shasta Lake in the far nothern part of California. The 3 Shastas; Shasta Lake, Shasta Dam, and Mt Shasta is a nice vacation area.

Here is a link just to take a look at some of the activities and resorts on the Lake and surrounding areas.

Should this area be of interest to your family I will gladly furnish more information.

Wow thanks for all the recommendations I am sure he would some of these! I will get some more feedback from him and post later on.