V7 and non empty CD check


My application worked correctly with Nero V6 but with V7 I get an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION when I try to burn a non-empty CD. More precisely, it crashes when returning from the UserDialog callback with DLG_RETURN_EXIT on the DLG_NON_EMPTY_CDRW message.

I could notice that the sample program NeroAPITest, that comes with SDK 1.08, also doesn’t terminate correctly when we try first to burn a non-empty CD and then we try to cancel. Here are the NeroAPITest command and output before the error:

>NeroAPITest.exe --drivename f --write --real --iso my_data
Nero API version

Requested media: CD-R/RW
Last detected media: CD-RW

The disc is not empty.
This CDRW is not empty.
[E]rase CD
[O]pen tray

Write error

BurnCD() : burn failed
Write error

Then I get an error dialog: “NeroAPITest.exe has encountered a problem… Please tell Microsoft about this problem…” with a report error file leading to newtrf.dll.
When the NeroAPITest works (for instance with Nero 6 version), it ends with message “press RETURN to exit”.

The problem doesn’t seem to be in my software. What can I do to avoid this problem ?

We still want tu use SDK 1.08. This message to get a new chance to have some news from others.
Could it be OK with NERO V8 ?


See This thread

Hi unison,

Yes, I saw this thread and I expected that it could be a different problem (template-reference)…
But I was also afraid it could be linked, and it seems that it is you opinion, too !
Thus, I am not very confident, even if the last comment is “The good news is that nero still working on SDK”, because SDK 1.08 are now more that 1 year old …
They may be working, but very slowly …

Thanks for your answer;