V7.8.5.0 breaks DVD players(?)



Has anyone had a problem with upgrading to this version breaking their DVD players? I installed it and none of my DVD players worked afterwards. They played AVIs OK, but not DVDs, as if Nero broke the decoders. All my DVD softwares showed different symptoms, ranging from sound, but no video to claiming DirectDraw was disabled. I totally uninstalled it (including CleanTool) and re-installed and all is well again(??)


Yes, it broke mine too. Uninstalling and cleaning only made matters worse for me. I’m going to have to re-install the OS and all my apps. again. This is about a 3 day job I’m not looking forward to. I hate NERO now… I wish I would have stuck with v. 6.6. I never had any problems with it.


No problem so far here.