V4 mod for LDW-411S OEM




I have got a Speer Data OEM drive. It is the same as the LiteOn LDW-411S. It is detected as 1s41.

Unfortunately, the patcher v4 does not work when I try to patch the eeprom. I get the error message “invalid input file”. I already tried to change the name string in the eeprom file from 1s41 to 411S, but the error persists. Any ideas?


believe it or not. i did the same think (with hex workshop) and it works.

That is the normal string of an 411s from liteon:

but paste overwriting exisiting data!!!

Hope everything works as it should.



Hmmmmmm. I would do 1S41->411S before going to 411S->811S.

Make sure to backup your existing EEPROM and firmware before going any further!!!


Thanks, it worked. Of course I made a backup of my eeprom before.