V056 Firmware for 1008 on BTC site.. anyone know any info?

i just checked the BTC website and the lates firmware posted is V056


now is anybody running this firmware? i cannot seem to find a changelog for it… and whether or not i should upgrade

i am still on 0054 firmware on my DRW1008IM… so far no problems,… then again i hav eonly burned 5 total dvd-rs since i purchased the drive…

wats ur experience with this firmware and is it worth upgrading my current one…

can someone pleaz post a *.bin file for that?

Interesting. This is actually revision 0156, versus the previous firmware versions 0055, 0054, etc.

I wonder if the 01 is for some significant change? (Such as bitsetting, although I’m not sure where to look for that on my system.)

i noticed that too. maybe it’s kinda final version. what are ur burn experiences with that version? do u use a 1004 or a 1008 with that version.

another point: max. data rate is equal on all drives (1004,1008,1108) why did marco say that there can be problem with the laser, burning 8x on a 1004 drive. since the max. speed is the same, the laser must be capable to do that.

what do u think??:confused:

Marco has confirmed that V056 firmware supports bitsetting.

I’ve been using a BTC 1004 for a few months now, had a few

newbie problems.

What I would like to know is-

is it safe to flash a 1004 with 1008 f/w?


does bitsetting only work with XP?


The BTC bitsetting utility will work only under 2000 and XP.

is it safe to flash a 1004 with 1008 f/w?

It is always a risk to flash your drive. I also would say that if you do, it is not SAFE to try to burn at 8X, or even 6X. My personal experience is that the 1008 firmware writes the media that I use better, but not faster. This might or might not be the case with whatever media you choose to burn. Now with bitsetting I might actually start liking this drive, but I doubt it.

who with a 1008 has upgraded to this firmware? any improvements? i havnt seen a changelog or info about people who have upgraded to thi latest firmware…

i had a lot of coasters with 49b and 55b/55. with 56 it SEEMS to run smoother. but didn’t make a long-time-test yet.:wink:

Thanx for the info/tips guys.

I think i’ll keep my set-up as it is for now. 1004 f/w 047 as it seems to to be fairly stable.

I’ll upgrade ‘when the time comes’.

Still wish I could back up a DVD to play on my stand alone. I’ve tried different media and followed the advice in several forums. The ones i’ve burnt work with PowerDVD but not my stand alone.
I know DVD-r’s work coz I’ve tried pre-burnt DVD-r’s.

So it seems bitsetting is a likely option.


I updated my 1008IM with the V0156 firmware, and tried to use the bitsetting tool mentioned in this thread.

I am running Windows XP Professional, and the bitsetting utility comes up and seems to talk to the drive, but with a DVD+RW in the drive, it can’t read the current book type. Also, if I try to set the book type, the drop down box is empty, and entering anything just results in the utility closing.

It happens the same to me

Me too! I think the 0156 does NOT support bitsetting. I’ve flashed back to 55b2.

I have dl the bitsetting utility and run it under XP but no program seems to run, can someone post how bitsetting works. I have upgrade to 0156 and see no difference.


56/156 final does not support bitsetting in my tests, either. I believe 55b2 was the last to do so.

@rhester: You are wrong! :slight_smile: