V0256 with 1008IM How do I use bitsetting?

I have the file v55B3

What do I do with all of the hexes supplied?
How do I use them?

Do I have to apply all of the hexes before using the DVDBitSetter?

I’m not to good with DOS mode.


It doesnt run in DOS mode. It runs in windows. Just insert your blank media in your writer, open the bitsetting utility and set the disc to DVD-ROM, leave the bitsetting utility open- Do not close it!
Then just burn your disc as usual.

@Rikk: you didn’t understand RPC9’s question.

@RPC9: the hexes you have are the firmware, and they need to be flashed into the drive from DOS. But from version 0156, bitsetting for this unit is supported in official firmwares. So all you have to do is downloading the 0157 firmware from here and flash the drive with the Windows utility. Then, to use the bitsetting feature, use the DVDBitSetter Utility just as Rikk describes.