V-M - New Copy Protection



Hi guys, just found about this new copy protection. Basically it works like steam in the way it uses an online authentication server. I 100% support the games, and have bought them in the past, but I do not support these type of protections.

They only allow 3 PC registrations, and the system is buggy and glitch filled. Being similar to steam, and upon hearing steam has been reverse-engineered, (dunno if thats true) I was wondering if anything can be done about it.

The Copy Protection is called VirtualMate (even the name sucks) and you can find out more about it at http://www.virtual-mate.com

This is something that may become more widespread in our games, and I hope this doesnt happen. So does anyone have any information on it, and how it might be defeated?

Please help, ASQ~ :bow: