V won't see my LiteOn CDRW

Nero V5.5.7.2 won’t see my CD-RW only offering me the option of the Image Recorder.

V5.5.2.4 was the last version which worked correctly for me. -> would detect my CD-RW but not recognise any media in the drive, repeatedly asking me to insert writeable media. I reported this to Ahead twice with no response either time.

My drive is a LiteOn LTR-12101B with firmware v LS233j connected at the primary (and only) disk on my secondary HPT366 channel. I’m running XP Pro on a dual-processor system, Win2K has the same problem.

Any suggestion other than use the old version which isn’t supported on XP?

Just a few things you can try: Disable the build-in Roxio burning program…install the latest aspi…enable dma…if you have a Via chipset,replace the busmaster drivers by an other version,even the windows 2000 standard drivers are reported to work in XP too,…but this I can’t verify myself,since I don’t have a Via chipset…

aspi should be uptodate, not using a via chipset, DMA is enabled, and most of the problems (not detecting writeable media etc) occured with W2K as well so it can’t be a clash with the roxio software.

I’m back to the stock 5.0.something which came with my drive at the moment.

As far as I can tell Nero stopped working correctly when v was released. I think the listed “improvements” actually broke Nero as far as my drive is concerned.

did you try e-mailing nero

I emailed them twice and never received a response.