UTP or Coaxcable for network



Do I have to use UTP or Coaxcable for setting up a network (1 "masteer" to one "slave") Which one is the best. The distance between the 2 computers is about 20meters.


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I prefer UTP the most because with coax you will need transistors ad the end of the line and most of the time it will not included with the cable you buy. utp is just right from card to card… and it’s faster…


I think the best thing you can do is do search www.2ehands.nl and buy a set of 2 network card (they are very cheap), I prefer UTP, beceuse you than can have a 100 Megabit linem and coax goes only to 10 Megabitm but rember that there are also much UTP 10 megabit cards out there, The terminators where DR crash is speaking of, only cost 5 guilders, (the maximum cable length of coax is 200 m, and with repeators between it 1 KM!!!. Utp cable length i dont now, but will be a little bit largen so the distance is no problem

You said you had 2 computers, if you choise for upt ask in the store wich cable you need (there are to kinds, for direct link, and via a hub),

Also someting to rembers is if you want in the future to expand you network you have to buy a hub wich is expensive (100Megabit = F 300,-) so you than can better buy COAX, (then you only have to buy a coax cable and a T- splitter (a 5 guilders)

BTW, UTP has less propblems with magneticinterference



ok the transistors are cheap but most of the time people don’t now that they must put their transistors in their coax network and it wouldn’t work then so…

with UTP there is less data lose then with coax so that’s the reason why I prefer UTP more!!!


The maximum length with UTP, assuming you’re following the 100Base-T FastEthernet standard, is 100m between stations (PCs) and 500m in total, using repeaters (hubs).

If you want to connect 2 PCs via UTP you have to use a special “crossover” cable. My PC vendor didn’t know how to construct it, but I found the info on the Net and made it myself. However, if you want to make it yourself, you will need the special pliars to fix the plugs on the ends of the cable : they are very expensive, so try to borrow them from you PC dealer. (It does work !)

As herpes, sorry : herMes, pointed out, if you later want to expand your network you will have to shell out for an expensive fast-switching hub (100Mbit), whereas a 10Mbit network can be expanded for a far lower price.

I wouldn’t buy second-hand material, since the NICs (network interface card) are so cheap new : about 25 euros.

I think 10Mbit is sufficient for most applications : multiplayer LAN games, file and printer sharing, but if you want more speed you will have to pay the price !


I don’t know where you get your cables, but I just bought a cross-wired cable to connect 2 computers and it worked perfectly.
No special pliars at all.