UTP or Coaxcable for network



Do I have to use UTP or Coaxcable for setting up a network (1 “masteer” to one “slave”) Which one is the best. The distance between the 2 computers is about 20meters.


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I use utp for that one, the other is less expensive, see computer totaal magazine for that too.



Use UTP. If your only going to use 2 PC just buy a CrossCable. Thats all you need. If you take Coax beetween 2 PC’s you still need the 2 T-Splitters and the Terminators.

Make sure you buy a Cat-5 CrossCable. If you already have 100Mbit you can’t do without. Else it’s nice to have for later…


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tnx for your answers…
additional info: for the UTP I have to pay and for the Coax I don’ have to pay.
I’m on cable, so which one is the best for not losing signal… (the cable has to be 20m and the network will only consist of 2 computers)


It depends, if you have a 100mb network I’d go for utp and if you got a 10megabit network coax is just fine, especially if you don’t have to pay for it.



If you just want to set up an peer to peer network,probable a 10mb network,and you got all the stuf to set it up with coax,then do it with coax.But if you got to buy stuff,and you think you want to expand your network in the future,buy Utp.Its easier to expand and easier to find poblems in youre network.



I have here 2 10 mbit cards who can ahdnel both UTP and coax, for my home LAN i have coax, cos it’s easy to wire the cables and to cut and add new connectors to it.

But I also have bout 6 meters of UTP cable lying around here for when I go to big LAN partys with hubs and so.

I also have cable here (so I have 2 network cards installed in one of my cmps, 1 for the LAn and 1 for calbemodem), and I use coax, it’s easy and no loss, 20 meters is already long for a single cable without (versterkers in english?) signal powerups to have no loss but normally yu wont suffer any loss with coax or UTP